Continuous Bag of Words Model from Scratch

Introduction In this post, I’ll walk through an implementation of the Continuous Bag of Words Model for generating word embedding vectors.    Applications of Word Embeddings Semantic Analogies Sentiment Analysis  Classification of customer feedback Machine Translation  Information Extraction Question Answering 

Making an Auto Complete Program using N-Gram Models

Introduction To build an auto-complete system, we need to make a language model first. A language model essentially assigns a probability to a sequence of words. Thus the linguistically next word would have a higher probability.   Major Libraries  math

AI Poem Generator trained on Shakespeares work

Introduction In this blog, I’ll try to explain to you guys how you can make your own Natural Language Processing based program to generate your own poem by just giving the first line of the poem. As the program is

Building a Cox Proportional Hazard Model

Introduction   Proportional Hazard Models belong to the class of survival models relating time that passes to the occurrence of a particular event. In this post, I’ll guide you on how to make a Cox Proportional hazard regression model using TensorFlow

Decision Trees: Overview

Introduction A decision tree is a graphical representation of all the possible solutions to a decision based on certain conditions. Terminologies Root Node: Represents the entire population or sample, and this further gets divided into two or more homogeneous sets.

Types of Activation Functions used in Neural Networks

Introduction There are different types of activation functions used in neural networks for feature extraction. The following article gives a brief overview of the most commonly used activation functions: Identity Function The identity function is used as an activation function