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The Epic Code??

We are the youth-led community committed to connecting people who are developing, designing, and providing the best services in terms of resources, blogs, and courses all around the world.

Welcome, New Member!

We are excited for you to join our new, youth-led community. As a member, you have the opportunity to apply your skills and smarts into whatever team you feel is best. In this document, you will get to learn more about The Epic Code, and the next steps that you can take as a member! We will use Discord to communicate with each other. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, Discord is an app that you can use to communicate with the entire community, your teams, and individual people. You should have received an invitation to join Discord.


How you can get involved?

We have divided ourselves into various teams in TEC, each geared towards completing a particular spectrum of tasks. Choose the team that aligns the best with your skills to get started. You can choose yours.

This team is responsible for coming up with ideas for the community and maintaining structure within the community. This team is for one that has excellent organizational skills, and anyone that can use their creativity to come up with new ideas for welfare of community.

How to join: On Discord, join the channel called  #organizing_and_logistics_team. This channel is open to everybody.

This team is for ones experienced in the world of website development. For this team, you should expect weekly video conferences so we can all work on the website collectively. Creative individuals with new ideas about sites can also join, we’re always looking for people with extra time to help out!

How to Join: On Discord, join the channel called #website_team. This channel is open to everybody.

Calling all writers and editors! For this team, we need people who want to write op-eds, press releases, poems, and more! It is recommended that you self-educate yourself on various tech-related terms and topics since you will be writing about it if you join this team.

How to Join: On Discord, join the channel called  #writing_team. This channel is open to everybody.

TEC uses multiple social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. For this community, we are looking for developers, graphic designers and content creators to create posts for our social media accounts. Additionally, we need people to strategize how we can reach a broader audience.

How to Join: On Discord, join the channel called  #social_media_team. This channel is open to everybody.

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