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TEC is the youth-led community committed to connecting people who are developing, designing, and providing the best services in terms of resources, blogs, and courses worldwide. You can learn and teach by writing blogs, notebooks, articles, feeds, making videos, and much more.

Events with TEC
Events with TEC
Organising events for developers, designers & business modals globally.
Shop with TEC
Shop with TEC
Marketing over 1000 products by The Epic Code including merchandise.
Learn with TEC
Learn with TEC
Free sessions & real time updating courses available for all members at TEC.
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Acquiring Volunteers

Connecting developers, designers & marketers!!

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The new era of community

Organising & Logistics
We need one who can organise teams & can create incredible tasks and events within community
Content Team
This team needs to surf and produce the best content on The Epic Code socials & web.
Marketing & PR
For this team one should know whom to market and how to promote relations brilliantly between community.
Development Team
We need skilled people who can develop dazzling apps, websites and softwares on demand of community.
Design Team
A team exclusively for designing vivid graphics, infographics, social posts, illustrations for community handles.
Management Team
Need volunteers who can set out people to provide top notch quality management of the community..
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